Words come to life

Today I want to share with you an extraordinary exploration of the words of Gabriel Garcia Marquez. In “Los Estados de la Palabra” (“The States of the Word”), a collaboration between Telefónica and the Colombian Embassy, the artists have created a bleak universe in which words are everything. You wander around a rather sinister black and white landscape of geometric forms and floating letters. You click on the floating letters, and a fragment of one of Marquez’s works is read to you by a fellow traveller. You, too, can leave your reading of a fragment for others to discover.

Click to go to the web "Los estados de las palabras"

Click to go to the web “Los estados de las palabras”

And just for this weekend, as part of the ARCO art fair and the homage to García Marquez, 50 3-d printers are furiously churning out physical representations of words from his work, which will form a sea of creativity and imagination.


Words as protagonists. Words as things. Totally hypnotic.

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