The Wilderness Downtown

Music meets creative film-making meets Google Earth… Arcade Fire’s song “We Used to Wait” is paired with “choreagraphed windows” (I love that phrase, not something you hear every day) and “interactive flocking” (ditto) to produce a suprising video/music experience, unforgettable but hard to describe.

The Wilderness Downtown

Open it up, type in the address of where you grew up, and prepare to be amazed. (And when the time comes to type or draw a message to the younger you, try doing both, the effects are very impressive…).

The Wilderness Downtown choreography

The video and choreography were directed by Chris Milk, who also directed the “Dreams in Black” video I showed you a couple of weeks ago, and the Johnny Cash collaborative art project. And a whole lot of other amazing animations, interactive or not, that I will no doubt be showing you at some stage. A mixture of staggering creativity and technical genius.


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