The launch of fintechblue, about Bitcoin, P2P lending and payments

Posting has been sporadic lately, which I’m not happy about, but I’ve been working flat out on a technology development project (maybe I’ll tell you more about that later), and the launch of my Bitcoin and fintech blog. It’s called fintechblue and you can see it here.


I’m not rolling those posts into this blog because the seriously nerdy depth of detail is not appropriate for a general technology commentary. And once I find a rhythm I’m comfortable with, I’ll go back to posting like crazy here, too. I miss it, actually – I have a bunch of posts half-finished, just aching for an insightful and hopeful conclusion. I have no problem with the hopeful, but I have over the past few weeks struggled with finding the head-space for insightful.

Tomorrow I’m off to give a talk in Bilbao on how technology as affected the growth¬†of personal branding and the importance of the “company”. Then London for a few days for meetings. Then back to work, hopefully this time with insight, early next week.

Until then!

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