Some changes!

I noticed that you seemed to prefer the “Sunday Seven” over the “Friday Five” (not that the numbers were ever strictly adhered to, but never mind), so I’ll switch to that format. Bring on Sundays.

And you may have noticed (or maybe you didn’t!) that my longform articles are no longer weekly. I so wish that I had time to make them weekly, and I hope to return to that blissful state once November and December have passed, but other work interferes and I would rather not publish incomplete drivel just for the sake of getting something up.

You may remember that I used to publish something related to technology and art on Sundays. That fell due to time constraints, but I’m going to bring it back, just not on a regular schedule. There’s some amazing stuff out there that I’d love to show you. To keep things simple, I’ll probably include fewer words. You can thank me later.

As an aside, I do love writing here. It helps me to consolidate what I don’t know into a concrete project, and I am almost always surprised by where the article takes me. Usually I’m not even aware of what I think about something until I start writing about it. And I’m excited about all that I have yet to learn. It is a privilege to have the excuse to wallow in the shifting sands of cultural change. (Oh, wow, did I just say that? Cripes. I need to go for a walk.)

Have a great weekend, everyone. Thanks for reading.


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