Smart luggage, finally

I hate luggage. My dream is to be able to get on an aeroplane without only my handbag or knapsack, and have what I need waiting for me when I get there. One day…

That said, I thought that this idea from yesterday’s batch of Y-Combinator startup presentations was interesting: a smart suitcase. Bluesmart has a GPS locator, so that if it gets lost (which happens, right?), you can track it. I’ve been very lucky, I’ve only twice had a suitcase mis-directed (both times at Christmas), and both times they were successfully recovered. Even if your suitcase doesn’t go missing, wouldn’t it be fun to know where it is within the airport? As in, how far away it is from the baggage retrieval? Actually, I’m not sure that the tracking gets that specific, but it would be cool.


And since technically it’s a carry-on bag, I’m not sure how useful a GPS tracker would be, since supposedly it’s with you at all times. Unless you walk away from it, of course. In which case, it will send you a plaintive message accusing you of abandonment.


The tracker keeps a record of every airport your suitcase has been to, and how many kilometres travelled, which could give you handsome bragging rights in the pub or the coffee bar.

Oh, and get this, you pick up the suitcase by the handle, and it sends a message to your phone with how much it weighs. And, it has a built-in battery with a USB port that you can use to recharge your phone while at the airport.

bluesmart 3

I love the idea, and just might get one when it hits the stores late this year. A practical Christmas present, perhaps? One that can help transport back home the not-so-practical presents received?

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