QR codes: a new art form?

Taking into account that us human beings can convert just about anything into art (or art into anything?), it’s no surprise to see the size of the QR code art niche.

From agencies specialising in creative QR codes for commercial and non-commercial purposes:

qr codes from jess3


To artists “painting” with QR codes, as if they were pixels…

qr code art by DataSpaceTime

by DataSpaceTime

Artist Kyle Trowbridge held an exhibition recently of his large and colourful QR code pieces, each of which linked to a message if you scanned it with your phone. Let’s face it, we often snap pictures of art with our phones… Now we can get a message as well!

QR code art by Kyle Trowbridge

by Kyle Trowbridge

Branding artist Yiying Lu is known for, among many other things, incorporating QR codes into her watercolours and sketches…

QR code in art, by Yiying Lu

Yiying Lu

The creativity of these artists and others who are using QR codes as a base or a tool, plus the proliferation of software that lets you create original and scannable squares, leads me to the conclusion that “niche” is probably too small a word. I’d change it to “industry”.

creative qr codes



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