Meta-digital art in

This is digital art in its purest form. Meta, even, in that I get to talk about digital art within digital art.

This is


Addictive, inspiring, and beautifully designed, it lets you “browse” art of practically any kind, from anywhere. You indicate your tastes on signing up, you choose a few artists, galleries and/or museums to follow, and then you happily click and/or “favourite” your way into aesthetic bliss.

artsy code 1

And, get this, they are currently displaying the first ever auction on the Art of Code. Now that’s digital. I won’t wax lyrical about this from a visual point of view (see what I did there? Visual, view? Sorry…), because there’s nothing that takes my breath away (although I quite like the tie with Perl code), but the idea is amazing. Code is an art form, after all. Certain strokes and sequences create images, sounds, experiences. So this auction and exhibition is hopefully the spark that will ignite public recognition and inspire even more creatives to take to the keyboard.

artsy code 3


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