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Some good reads from the week, only some of them about tech:

Why we love dogs – from Business Insider

It’s all about eye contact.

via BusinessInsider

via BusinessInsider

“Because dogs don’t otherwise use eye contact as a way to cement bonds with other dogs, the study researchers suggest that man’s best friend may have gotten its prized place in human hearts by tapping into an ancient human bonding pathway.”


How to avoid getting sick – from Mashable

This list of startups barely scratches the surface of what’s going on in the healthcare sector, but it does provide an uplifting look at of the potential impact of the new wearables, apps and services, once their use becomes more widely spread.

“So, chronic diseases are clearly not only a health but also an economic problem. But, again, these diseases are among the most preventable, and many startups have taken note. From early diagnosis to genetic testing to posture correction, a range of solutions is being pursued by these companies.”


Quality vs clickbait – from Wired

“Consider Medium a case study for quality in the digital age; Williams has been able to achieve this growth entirely by giving both writers and readers more of the tools and the products they want, without yet sullying these efforts with money-making endeavors.”

Wouldn’t it be great if clickbait came with a warning or a label? We’d save so much time. Most of us would probably click anyway.


Strong is the new pretty – from My Modern Met

My 12-year-old daughter has so much character and depth, and is so tough and feminine at the same time, and yet is not at all into being a girl. I couldn’t be prouder. I love these pictures. They remind me of her.

via MyModernMet

via MyModernMet

“I think it is incredibly important to let our daughters and other women know that beauty isn’t just pretty poses or looking perfect, but that beauty can be found in embracing life and celebrating the bumps, the bruises, the imperfections, the strength. We get all these messages from the media of what we need to be to be beautiful, I wanted to show my girls, and others, that being your true self is the most beautiful.”


Knowing isn’t everything – from Brain Pickings

An inspiring article that makes you feel both small and relieved at the same time. An ode to not having the answers.

“What emerges is at once a celebration of human achievement and a gentle reminder that the appropriate reaction to scientific and technological progress is not arrogance over the knowledge conquered, which seems to be our civilizational modus operandi, but humility in the face of what remains to be known and, perhaps above all, what may always remain unknowable.”


Move over TV – the mobile is now the first screen – from The Guardian

“The TV industry will have to work on a mobile-first strategy. Not a digital-first strategy, but a mobile-first strategy, because mobile is now the first screen, and it’s taking time away from the TV.”

I’m not convinced. Most people don’t have amazing phones and tablets. Ok, maybe those with mid-to-high purchasing power do, probably several per household, but TV’s basic market is still huge. And I say this as someone struggling unsuccessfully to get Netflix to work on Chromecast.


Depressing picture of the week:

Beaker wine glasses. Really. I definitely, most definitely, do not want these…

via LikeCool

via LikeCool


Fun tweets:


Too much tech hype:

by Tom Fishburne at The Marketoonist

by Tom Fishburne at The Marketoonist


Have an amazing weekend!

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