Let’s have fun

This is probably a crazy idea (in fact, I’m sure it is), but I’m going to start sharing with you some of the many cool websites that I come across. It’s a crazy idea because I’m not quite sure how I’m going to keep up (lots going on at the moment), but there are so many useful and creative webs out there that I want to tell you about, that aren’t quite digital art (I write about that on Sundays) and that don’t belong in a long sector-oriented article (which I write about on, cough, some other day of the week).

On the selection I plan to follow no particular pattern or even criteria, other than that I think that they’re interesting and/or fun. Here we go, this week’s four:

  • The House that Lars Built – quirky, designer-y and probably more than a bit “hipster”, I love this site for its creativity and bohemian sweetness.

The House that Lars Built


  • Upchucky.com – For nostalgic music lovers (like me), this website takes you through the US radio hits for every year since 1940. Click a few of the buttons and you’ll be “Oh, I remember that!” and reaching for the download button on iTunes. The design is pretty awful, but the music is good, and free.
  • Cabinporn – ideal for those days when you just want to get away from it all (and you know you have them!).


  • What Will I Draw? Wow. That’s really all I can think of to say about this. She turns random scribbles into something really very presentable.

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