Let’s have fun: Travel, music and smiles

It’s been the most glorious autumnal week in Madrid! Crisp, blue skies, crunchy leaves underfoot, and not too cold…

sunset in Pozuelo

Instagram: @noelleinmadrid


1) That doesn’t mean I don’t still fantasize about exploring the world, though… Yesterday I actually found myself wandering around the streets of Tokyo on Google Maps… Here’s a web that gamifies that virutal travel instinct: Geoguessr. The game shows you a photo, you guess where it is by putting a pin in a world map, and you get points according to how not-so-very-far-away you are… The photos are taken from Google Maps, and let you explore a bit. Fascinating…

Geoguessr2) I’m not going to show you an image of the next web, sanger.dk, so as not to spoil the surprise. Which will be a mixture of “Oh how cute!” and “What the….?”. It’s almost guaranteed you will at least smile, though, if not guffaw as we did.

3) I know that there are a ton of “Can you believe it?” websites out there, most of them scarily addictive (it takes great willpower to click “Close” before scrolling down and suddenly 15 minutes has gone by that you’ll never get back!). But this one is worth the time, it is much more artistic than most, and showcases some truly surprising creative work. MyModernMet. You may not always love what it shows you, but it’s generally more, shall we say “tasteful”?, than most.


4) The Nostalgia Machine – just what it sounds like. Choose your year, hit the button, and sit back and enjoy some of the “top” music videos from that year. Wickedly entertaining.


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