Jokes, quotes, articles and ice cubes

5 articles I found interesting this week (only 5 out of so much stuff? difficult):

The Netflix Watch (TechCrunch)

A late, but excellent, April Fool’s gag…


Ad blocking is every publisher’s problem now (Digiday)

“The global ad-blocking user base has ballooned to 144 million monthly active users, according to a recent report from Adobe and PageFair, which measures ad-blocking rates. That number more than doubled in 2013 alone…

…One solution is to lean more heavily on a sponsor-content model that will see native ad placements blocked but not the content itself. Of course, that means advertisers need to create content people opt to consume.”  [my emphasis]


Did LinkedIn’s aquisition of Lynda just kill the ed-tech space? (Pando)

“For all the hype about the new wave of education a year or so ago, it’s a land largely unicorn-free. (And that’s saying something these days.) If $1.5 billion is what the darling gets… well, education may start to look like a rougher space than ecommerce. (Ouch.)”


Social media needs limitations, not choices (Wired)

“Exceptionalism among apps should be welcomed. People are diverse. Social media should be, too. Different relationships require different tools. Friends, intimate partners, journalists, professionals, political dissidents, and others all use social media in different ways. Given the different needs within these communities, one size will not fit all.”


Are we training our students to be robots? (Medium)

“From crayons to compasses, we’ve learned to incorporate all sorts of different tools into our lives and educational practices. Why, then, do computing and networked devices consistently stump us? Why do we imagine technology to be our educational savior, but also the demon undermining learning through distraction? Why are we so unable to see it as a tool whose value is most notably discovered situated in its context?”


A good tweet:


Oh, and one more link:

Do you take your whisky “3d on the rocks”? (PSFK)

Decadent. Very decadent. I like it.





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