Home run for digital narrative: Bottom of the Ninth

If you enjoy comics, art, music, baseball, animation, science fiction, traditional Americana, futurism… any of those, really… then download this amazing graphic novel to your iPad or iPhone. If you don’t have one, and can’t borrow one, then you can see it online, but the experience isn’t quite the same. Still awesome, but not quite the same.

bottom of the ninth

Bottom of the Ninth”, by Ryan Woodward, is about perception, stereotypes, and media. The story itself is not that remarkable, and it ends with a “to be continued”. The genius is in the programming. To call it an “animated comic” doesn’t do it justice, it has many more layers than just that. The music is part background, part protagonist. The layout is fascinating. The animation is charming. Sometimes all the frames have movement, sometimes only one. Sometimes the movement is automatic, sometimes you have to launch it. Sometimes you just tap on the screen and something happens.

bottom of the ninth 2

Is it the future of comics? I don’t think so, but it is a welcome addition to the possible formats. Instead of a comic on the web, a comic for the web. The drawings, the acting, the choreography and the charming story line knock this graphic story line out of the ball park.

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