Friday five: Trends, disruption, and refreshing outlooks

The Internet’s State of the Union, via Techcrunch and Kleiner Perkins  

I have to open this summary with Mary Meeker’s Internet report, a compelling where-are-we-and-where-are-we-going snapshot of the Internet business world. Marketing, hardware, usage, …. She covers most trends with interesting graphics and pithy insights. TechCrunch had a good summary, although they missed some gems (inevitable, the full thing is 196 slides!), which I will try and show you over the next couple of days. If you want to see the original deck, you can do so here.

marymeekerinternet 4

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How to untangle a necklace, from Medium

A delightful read, on focus, productivity, and being a woman…

“Still, nothing unperplexes easy. And the nature of the tangled necklace is that you’ll forget what you know about its not being tangled. You’ll lose patience. You will in fact knot before you unknot — and, if you’re like me, you’ll reknot everything because you can’t forgive yourself. The necklace will come to represent your internal mystification. What’s worse, it will represent your drive to deepen your own mystification, and make it permanent.

The good news is that a countervailing drive will kick in immediately. Never will you want something more than to untangle the necklace. You will hate the chain, you will break the chain, rather than let it lie. You will move heaven and earth.”

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An oasis with aeroplanes, via Quartz

For those of you that travel a lot, how’s this for an airport? Singapore’s Changi Airport has orchids, a butterfly garden and 500,000 plants…

image via Quartz

image via Quartz

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Enough startup hype, we have a business to run – via Medium

Finally, an article that de-mythifies the startup hype, by someone who should know…

“‘Startups’ have become a commodity in an industry of startup conferences, websites, courses and competitions. As founders of young organisations, we struggle to distinguish genuine guidance and support from the distracting pizzazz of the startup industry, where we’re just the product, not the customer. Lured by the lights, we spend valuable hours crafting slide decks, jumping on planes, giving presentations and filling out entry forms, almost always so that someone can sell tickets to the show.”

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Some stuff you learn in business school… and in life – from

Not a bad list… It brings a bit of perspective.

Some of my favourites:

  1. Don’t run out of cash.
  2. Think deeply about how you can empower those around you to be successful.
  3. Just be a decent human being. Oh, and listen more than you talk.
  4. Ask questions to learn different perspectives–inquiry vs. advocacy.
  5. Identify your sources of happiness and protect them.
  6. The job is not as important as the rest of my life.
  7. It’s never too late to turn back, change directions, or start anew.

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What is “disruption”, anyway? – from Techcrunch

A refreshing look at the ultimate objective of startups, and how the culture of “killing it” and “disrupting” misses the point:

“Sure, a good startup should make people sweat. It should cause a lot of scrambling and soul searching among the inefficient, the outdated, and the complacent.

But in the end, instead of destroying and recreating a profitable industry, a successful startup aims to modernize it, up the game of the current players, while fundamentally improving the customer experience. I’m not saying there won’t be some casualties, but I’d like to focus on making things better for people, not killing something. And by giving the end consumer better information and the power to use that information, you make the current industry fundamentally better.”

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Stunning drone footage, via Wired

If the heat is starting to get to you, here’s something refreshing…

Truly beautiful, inspiring, and relaxing. I want to go. Watch on full screen if you can.

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Save our World one scoop at a time, via Mashable

And speaking of freezing, the new ice-cream flavour from Ben and Jerry’s made me smile. Called “Save our Swirled”, or “SOS”, it mixes raspberry ice-cream with marshmallow, jam and dark and white fudge ice-cream cones. The slogan is “If it´s melted, it’s ruined”. Gimmicky, sure, but I like it.

image via Mashable

image via Mashable

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Have a refreshing weekend!!

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