Friday Five: Bitcoin’s non-existent feminine side, Europe’s digital mess, and more

No interface – from

An eye-opening look at how user interaction with technology is going to change:

no interface

“Determined to feed their ever-intensifying addictions to digital information AND live in the present moment, consumers are demanding new, more natural forms of interaction with technology. That means devices they can talk to, notifications they can feel, information that’s a part of the world around them – and much more!

Truly natural, intuitive interaction with technology has always been the dream. That is, interaction so natural, so human, that it needs NO INTERFACE. So what’s different now? In 2016 NO INTERFACE will finally become a reality, thanks to the powerful convergence of primed user expectation and new technologies that are both fueling and serving the need for more natural interactions with tech.”


Teachers will embrace students’ smartphone addiction in 2015 – by Joe Mathewson, on Techcrunch

About time! Why assume they are a distraction and not a powerful learning tool? A summary of the upcoming trends:

  • Technology will become embedded, and no longer be an education afterthought
  • Cloud will come into its own – education has been lagging behind on cloud adoption
  • Expectations will increase, now that we’re getting used to this
  • Teachers will embrace, not outlaw, pupils’ mobiles – no use fighting the tide
  • Curation will become crucial, replacing textbooks
  • Parents use technology to complement passions and get more involved in their kids’ education


Bitcoin’s women problem – by Kevin Drum, on Mother Jones

Oh my…  I think that Bitcoin is exciting, and fascinating. And I’m a woman. Ugh, here we go again…

“The lack of women in Bitcoin isn’t just an issue of equality. It’s a fundamental weakness of the currency itself. As long as the Bitcoin community is dominated by men geeking out about the blockchain, it’s never going to be able to make the human connections that are required for widespread adoption. Right now, the best that anybody can hope for (and no one’s holding their breath even for this) is that a handful of female geeks might be welcomed into the clique of male geeks who are working on Bitcoin-related projects. “


Why can’t Europe see how important the digital economy is? – by Enrique Dans on Medium

“Let’s not forget that one of the aims of the EU is precisely to create a single market with an enabling business environment. But when it comes to services provided by the internet, we soon come up against a harsh reality: the EU doesn’t work, and companies face the impossible task of complying with myriad laws issued by individual member states that sit alongside others issued by European courts, along with directives that each state interprets or obeys as it sees fit.”

So, if you want to scale, either don’t set up your online business in Europe (which would be good for European businesses and tax revenues, right?), or make sure you get enough financing for a huge team of expensive lawyers (which will dampen your chances of getting financing).


Mobile commerce – from Readwrite

“But in a striking reversal to the norm, wherein the rich get access to the future first, mobile commerce is thriving first with the comparatively poor. This suggests that to truly see the future of mobile, you might first want to take a look at India or other emerging economies.”

Interesting… I’m going to “The Next Billion” conference in London later this month, which will look at the impact the next billion connected internet users will have on just about everything. The flood of ecommerce solutions will be particularly interesting, affecting logistics, manufacturing and even real estate prices…


Theses in tweet form – by Nicholas Carr on RoughType

Interesting and thought-provoking sound bites. These are the only two out of the 50 that I agree with:

“26. Who you are is what you do between notifications.

49. Memory is the medium of absence; time is the medium of presence.”


Some examples of the bewildering creativity of the human mind (emphasis on bewildering, but with a thumbs-up – the world is a fascinating place, and people never cease to amaze me):

This guy will sit and stare at you as you slurp ramen noodles – via Techly


An extraordinary ad campaign by a ramen noodle company: this well-known young Japanese actor will watch you while you prepare your noodles, and sit and chat to you while you eat them. And then he’ll take a selfie of the two of you using his selfie stick. Really.


@36daysoftype, on Instagram

Amazing, absorbing, almost addictive… And that’s just the letter A! A collection of creative examples of the letters of the alphabet and the 0-9 numbers. Two Barcelona-based artists invited designers and illustrators to send in their versions of our most-used symbols. They shared the best ones with us on Instagram. Beautiful, bewitching, bemusing, beguiling…

The letter w, from @36daysoftype

The letter w, from @36daysoftype


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