For, or against?

The inexplicable question of taste…

Marmite, I mean. Do you like it, or do you hate it? It’s not something you can be ambivalent about. In case you don’t know what it is (which unless you’ve spent time in the UK is quite possible), it’s a savoury vegetarian spread made out of yeast extract. It’s black and shiny and sticky and very intense. It has occasionally been described as a cross between cheese and shoe polish. Me, I love it. My husband and kids hate it. And the cool thing is, the folks at Marmite embrace this fervent and irrevocable split and even incorporate “Love it or hate it” in the commercials. The latest one is a bit emotional (don’t watch it if you’re feeling weepy), featuring the rescue of neglected Marmite jars (check out the little boy’s face at the end, I’m guessing he’s not a fan):

I gave a speech last week on how the relentless focus on innovation in the business world is more empowering than threatening, and how it gives us all an incentive, an excuse if you will, to embrace our inner creative… Something which the Marmite product developers certainly seem to have done with their latest product: a Marmite-chocolate Easter egg. Seriously.

Marmite-flavoured Easter egg

image via Mashable

Me, I want to try one. I think it sounds good. Everyone else I know is hoping that it’s a joke. I tried a curry-flavoured chocolate once, and loved it. I’m not actually a huge chocolate fan, so a bit of Marmite-flavour sounds like an improvement. It turns out that the combination is not that new, in 2010 a Marmite-chocolate bar hit the shelves, and has actually sold quite well, in spite of being called “deeply nauseating” by chef Rowley Leigh.

marmite chocolate bar 2

What does this have to do with technology and its impact on our lives, I hear you ask? Why am I even telling you about this? Because it has a lot to do with innovation. Which is more important than ever in the fast-paced business environment that technological development has led us into. An indirect connection, true, but so? I’m ok with that if you are…

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