“Dreams in Black”, a very trippy music video, made for the web

This video is ABSOLUTELY amazing! I have no idea how to describe it, other than to say it’s a work of art and a technical feat that left me shaking my head in wonder. Music, animation, graphics, motion… in 360º, in that you control the point of view by moving your mouse (once it becomes the circle thingy), as you race through the sometimes psychedelic and sometimes sinister landscape. Breathtaking.

Dreams in Black


Dreams in Black


Rome - Dreams in Black

(note: it may not work well on all browsers, it was designed for Chrome)

Produced by Chris Milk with help from a Google developer team, with music by Norah Jones, Danger Mouse, Jack White and Danielle Luppi, it is an experiment in interactivity. Not only do you have some control over the image you see on the screen, but you can also add to the graphics with their 3d-modelling software. Film, 2D graphics, 3D graphics and interactive  controls make the user a part of the experience, not just a part of the audience. And for everyone who sees it, the experience will be different. Art “specifically meant for the web” – no doubt it will continue to surprise us.

Some technical stuff on WebGM, if you’re interested:


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