Double-track video, Honda style. Very clever.

After a lovely week exploring London with my daughter, I have a lot of writing to catch up on, so today’s post is short but very high on the “wow!” factor. Double-track video. It’s a clever car ad, with an emotive storyline and beautiful shots, like so many others. But it’s even more clever when you realize that there’s actually two videos going on simultaneously. Press the “R” key to see the other one. Really, try it, press “R” at any point in the video, and the tone and plot change. Let go, and you’re back to the first film. If you pressed “R” rapidly and continually throughout the video, you could probably see them both simultaneously if not subliminally, but the resulting lack of harmony in the music could well give you a headache (not to mention the blisters you might get on your finger!).

The Other Side

click to go to video

It gets cleverer still when you realize that one video is an extension of the other. In one version, the protagonist is a dad ferrying his kids to a party. In the other, the dad is an undercover cop taking down some art thieves. At the end of either thread, they switch cars and roles.

There is an overlap: in the red car thread, a black SUV flips over. Shortly after, in the other thread, the white car passes a flatbed transporting a wrecked SUV.

And as a bonus, did you notice the licence plates? On the red car: POW3ROF. On the white car: DR34MS. Power of dreams. Very nice.

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