Digital art reaches Eurovision

So, are you nursing a post-Eurovision hangover today? I confess that I am, a bit, the delightfully exuberant watermelon daiquiris that we felt would do the spectacle justice were a tad too delicious. And they had sparkly pompom stirrer sticks, and everything. The celebration went on for a while afterwards, too, since it was the first time I actually agreed with the outcome! Yay, Sweden!

Sweden Eurovision

The main reason I was rooting for Sweden was the digital effects. I’ve written before about the use of digital art in music performance, and while it wasn’t the most slick of backgrounds (and somewhat incongruous), Mans Zelmerlow’s rendition wasn’t bad, especially when you take into account that we’re talking about Eurovision. And the song wasn’t too terrible, either, at least not compared to the other entrants.

Here, see for yourself:

I imagine that, in part because of this victory, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this performance technique: the mix of human and digital and music. That’s exciting, the creativity and ingenuity should be quite something.

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