Crowdfunding potato salad, revisited

I’m back! Scotland has got to be one of THE most breathtaking places in the world. It is so worth investing in beautiful memories…

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And I’m back with a followup to the story of the crowdfunded potato salad. Zack Brown decided, as a joke (we’re assuming), to raise money on Kickstarter to make a potato salad. He ended up raising a total of $55,500, which can make a lot of potato salad. Which he will do, apparently, as part of a philanthropic music festival in Columbus, Ohio. It is called, wait for it, PotatoFest, and features bands from the area. And potato salad. Proceeds will establish a fund to help Columbus’ homeless.

potato salad kickstarter

image via TechCrunch

This is not just a story of seizing an opportunity to do good when it presents itself. It’s also a story of how enthusiasm and a sense of humour can move mountains (of potato salad). And of how simple is often better. In backing the potato salad venture, investors were showing that they’re a bit tired of being offered complex technology ideas and noble art projects. While many griped that it’s crazy that this gets funded while “worthwhile” projects don’t, it’s success shows that light and humourous appeals. Many accuse Kickstarter of destroying their brand by letting this project get off the ground in the first place, overlooking the fact that this story has given a boost to the whole crowdfunding concept, Kickstarter-style or otherwise. And is it Kickstarter’s fault that this got funding while others didn’t?

Personally I find it uplifting that a silly idea can have us reaching for our credit card if it is transmitted with enthusiasm and a noticeable absence of pretentiousness. It is, after all, our credit card. For the investors who backed a character, to see their whimsical contribution develop into a worthwhile cause that will have a significant impact on people’s lives, must be a validating experience. We’re all getting used to the idea of micro-funding, sponsoring, participating… And of being surprised by the outcome.


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