Bring it on…

Unless you’ve been living a) under a rock or b) in Europe, Asia or Africa, you no doubt are aware that this Sunday/Monday is the SUPERBOWL!!!! Yes! Huge men padded to look even bigger hurling themselves from one end of green rectangle to the other! So the digital art I want to show you today is American football-related. And I have to say “American football” because to us here in Europe, football = soccer. And for the record, in soccer the contact between ball and foot is much more frequent than in the American namesake, so why the Americans couldn’t think of another name is beyond me. Just sayin’.

Now, I’m not a football fan (of either version of the game), but you’ll see that that’s not a prerequisite to enjoy this website: The Giferator, a collaboration between the NFL and Google. You create a moving gif with an aggressive message, and the results – which you can post, share or send – range from fun to outright hilarious. It’s pure pumped-up, bad-ass energy, the same reason why millions will be tuning in tonight at 6:30pm Eastern Time (12:30am for the UK, 1:30am for us here in Spain). Me, I’ll be tuning in for the ads.

the giferator


You can give it a try here. Have fun!

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