A list of fitness trackers

Last week I promised you a list of the principal fitness tracking wearable devices on the market or in development (that I know of – if I’ve missed one, let me know!). For now I’m not going to include health controllers (unless they are also a fitness tracker, like iHealth) or baby monitors or clothing, information about those will be coming in other posts. Here you have a list of fitness tracker wearables, mainly worn on the wrist, with some clips and one surprising pair of eyeglasses.

I’ve put an asterisk next to the ones that I think a especially interesting (completely personal opinion)…


  • wristband or shoeclip
  • not available yet, currently in Indiegogo funding
  • activity recognition, calories burned, resting heartrate, step counting, exercise tracking, sleep patterns
  • wireless charging, 3-day battery life

Amiigo fitness trackers


  • watch-style band with touchscreen
  • available from November at $200
  • in future upgrade, will sync with SMS, email, calendar, apps, phone
  • heartrate, sleep patterns, skin temperature, steps and speed (accelerometer)
  • 4-day battery life, wireless charging
  • recently bought by Intel for $100 million http://techcrunch.com/2014/03/03/basis-goes-to-intel-for-around-100m/

Basis fitness tracker


Bodymedia sleep and fitness trackers


  • smart earbuds that let you listen to your music while they track biovitals and active performance – works even without phone
  • after successful Kickstarter funding, now in development, taking pre-orders at $300

Dash smart earbuds

Epson Pulsesense 

  • wristband or watch-style band
  • heart rate, sleep quality and exercise intensity tracking
  • $130-$200

Epson pulsense


  • clip, wristband and soon watch-style band
  • activity tracker, sleep monitor, silent alarm, calorie intake, weight tracker (on Fitbit scale) and soon heartrate
  • $60 – $130



  • ankle band
  • cycling, running, swimming
  • in development, shipping in December, pre-order for $170

Flyfit cycling tracker

Garmin Vivofit 

  • watch-style wrist band
  • sleep monitoring, step counter, heartbeat, calories consumed and it even tells the time!
  • in development
  • 1 year+ battery

Garmin Vivofit


  • more a health app with lots of cool accessories, than an accessory with a cool app
  • it tracks your weight through a wireless electrical scale, it takes your blood pressure, it controls your blood sugar levels through a bluetooth glucometer (and gives you the option to share the information with your doctor), it can test your blood oxygen saturation, and it’s a sleep and activity tracker that you wear on your wrist or belt.
  • the clip/wristband is available for about $70



  • clip, wristband
  • activity tracker, sleep monitor, smart alarm, diet coach, heartrate, inactivity alert (buzzes you if you’ve been sitting around doing nothing for too long), caffeine monitor
  • $50-$180


Jins Meme

  • “eyewear that lets you see yourself”. This is slightly creepy, and fascinatingly geeky. The eyeglasses tell you if you’re tired (in case you couldn’t tell), they can measure your concentration levels (which sounds distracting), and it can give you information on your speed, calories burned and posture (it’s not clear how). It’s not on the market yet, but it is being showcased in some tech events this month, so it shouldn’t be too long…

Jins Meme


  • wristband or pendant
  • fitness tracker, sleep monitor
  • $99 – $150

Misfit fitness tracker


  • watch-like band
  • activity tracker and fitness coach, walking/running, and boxing
  • in development, limited quantity shipping at $80 (I ordered one, mainly for the boxing, I’ll let you know how it goes!)

Moov fitness tracker


  • clip, wristband, watch-style band
  • fitness tracker, sleep monitor, calorie counter
  • watch, incoming calls, calendar
  • $34 – $80

Striiv fitness tracker

Samsung Gear Fit

  • watch-like band
  • fitness tracker, heart rate monitor
  • emails, texts, alarms and call alert
  • $100

Samsung fitness tracker

Withings Pulse Ox 

  • clip, watch-like band
  • activity tracker, sleep monitor, calorie control
  • about €135

Withings Pulse Ox

*Withings Activité  (this gets a separate entry because it seems so different and… well, attractive)

  • activity-tracking watch, sleep monitor, automatically changes time zones
  • really attractive
  • €390, launching end of November 2014

Withings Activité



A scary selection to choose from… And I have a feeling there’ll be many more before long!

For my article on fitness trackers, see here.

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