A feature-length virtual-reality rock opera, on Kickstarter

I don’t, as a rule, talk about individual crowdfunding projects, as this will not become a promotion site. But I do feel compelled to show you a fascinating idea I came across while checking out Kickstarter’s music project section: a feature-length virtual-reality rock opera. The New Renaissance is part music score, part animated video, part VR experience… It sounds like a mind-bending, jaw-dropping trip, and while it is designed to work on desktops as well as headsets, it is a huge step towards turning virtual reality into a new kind of art form.

The New Renaissance

The New Renaissance

Now, I really hope that they reach their funding goal, they’re just over half way there and there’s only 11 days to go. I also really hope that even if they don’t reach it, they carry on with the project, and try the financing again, soon. This format could really surprise us, and add an entirely new genre to our entertainment playlists. With or without the Oculus Rift headset, it sounds like a trippy experience, and I very much look forward to seeing the end result, and this type of work’s evolution.

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