A digital and human dance

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope that you enjoyed the festivities, that you were able to disconnect some, sleep more, eat too much and enjoy lots of hugs. And I also hope that you’re looking forward to 2015, that you can keep on learning, change things you’re not happy with, and really appreciate what you have.

I’m not going to go on about how excited I am about new projects coming up for 2015, how it will be a breakthrough year on so many levels, etc., etc. Now I’m not saying that it won’t, and of course I’m excited about a lot of the new stuff I’ll be working on, I’m just not going to brag about things I’m going to do. I’d rather wait until they’re done. And then I’ll show you. Maybe. 😉

I do want to keep on sharing inspiring digital art with you on Sundays, for as long as I can. I came across this amazing example yesterday, via Colossal. It involves large screen displays, clever interactive programming and human movement. You could even call it dance, and you wouldn’t be wrong, but it’s more than that. What got me was the interplay between the digital and the human, how acting separately but together they created something totally different.

Pixel Dance

Pixel, via Colossal

The breathtaking performance takes choreography to a new level, and confuses the boundaries between the digital and the physical. Just think what the technology could do for set design…

Pixel digital choreography

Pixel, via Colossal

You can see a clip of excerpts from the performance at the Maison des Arts de Créteil here.

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    • Gracias a tí, José Antonio! Me hace mucha ilusión ver lo que estás haciendo con el humanismo digital, he estado leyendo bastante sobre el tema últimamente (Chandler, Fuller, Bleeker), muy interesante (y complicado) el papel que puede tener esa dinámica en la educación…

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