3d Printing in Sugar

While I’m working on a post about 3d printing (the implications are so much more than you think!), I want to show you the prettiest application of the technology I’ve come across so far: 3d-printed sugar shapes.

3d printed sugar shapes

The Chefjet 3d Sugar Printer, developed by 3d Systems, uses design software to create shapes which are then “printed” in moistened sugar, with or without flavouring.

3d printed skull

Imagine the uses for cake decorations:

3d printed wedding cake decorations

Special sugar cubes for wedding coffee:

3d printed sugar cubes for coffee

Fun accessories for a party table:

3d printed candies

Unfortunately the printers cost about $5,000-$10,000, so I won’t be buying one anytime soon, but if I were a professional baker, I would seriously consider the investment.

Elegant 3d printed sugar shapes

I think that this is amazing. Just one example of how worlds of creativity are opening up and changing things we take for granted. A very sweet example, at that.

(All images from 3D Systems – The Sugar Labs)

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