Collaborative art in the city: netart Unnumbered Sparks

If you think that creating is fun, imagine the exhilaration at creating a giant artwork together with the people around you, in the middle of a city. Unnumbered Sparks is a collaboration between artist Janet Echelman and Google Creative Director (and data artist) Aaron Koblin.

What makes this sculpture unique, literally, is that the designs projected in light on the webbing are created by the spectators, via an app on their smartphones. They can draw, scribble, swirl and splash colour and movement onto the luminous “canvas”, which means that it’s always changing, never the same. The shape of the canvas also changes, billowing with the wind, folding in on itself, taking over the sky.

collaborative netart unnumbered sparks

As impressive as this looks on the screen, it must have been quite something in reality.

(And, while the term “netart” is increasingly being used to describe art created on the internet…. this really is netart. Hah.)


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